Personal care from a team of animal lovers


We offer the largest variety of wet and dry foods of any cattery in Bedfordshire. All of which are included in our boarding rates. Just let us know your requirements when you book with us.






If your cat prefers a more luxury or fresh food diet this can be catered for too. We always have fresh fish, chicken, ham, prawns etc on hand and its all included in the price. We even stock bottled water for those who like the finer things in life.


Unfortunately we cannot provide prescription foods so if your cat is on a special veterinary diet, please bring along their food and specify feeding times and routines.


Beds, Toys and Home Comforts

We provide fresh, clean bedding for all our guests, but you are welcome to bring any favourite sleeping blanket / bedding with you for your cats comfort. This may help them to settle more quickly in the new environment.

We also provide plenty of toys and a scratching post, but again you may have something extra you want to bring. The chalets are equipped with sunning shelves and window seats.

We are of course here to pamper your cats and make them feel at home. Grooming and cuddles are included! We can provide brushes and combs for grooming your cat but if you prefer you can bring your own. Please let us know your cats grooming requirements and we will accommodate these wherever possible. Certain breeds with long hair may need more attention and therefore may incur extra cost.

We use top quality cat litter as standard and litter trays are cleaned at least twice a day. Very careful consideration is given to hygiene by the use of modern disinfection routines. When a cat leaves us, the chalet is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and all equipment sterilised.


Veterinary Services

We have the services of highly qualified veterinary surgeons that are as close as 10 minutes away; this also includes the Beds Vets Service (Bedfordshire Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services) who provide emergency animal treatment and care during the times when normal veterinary practices are closed, just like Accident and Emergency at your local hospital. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In the unlikely event that your cat needs veterinary services, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your cat is properly looked after. Veterinary services are usually covered by our cattery insurance up to a maximum of £1,500.00, provided that the problem is not a pre-existing condition, or caused prior to boarding (if the problem is pre-existing then the veterinary bill will be added to your boarding invoice).

We will make every effort to have your cat seen by your own veterinary surgeon. We are happy to board elderly cats, cats with medical conditions or cats with special needs. Please discuss with us at the time of booking so that we can have the accommodation prepared to cater for their requirements. But also we are more than happy to administer all types of medication including tablets, suspensions, injections, inhalers etc.