Boarding Your Cat

We want to make your cat's stay with us a happy and relaxing holiday. We appreciate some owners are worried or even feel guilty at leaving their cat in a cattery for the first time. Here at The Cats Whiskers we understand this and go to great lengths to ensure you have utmost peace of mind that your cats are in safe hands and in a safe place.


You are most welcome to bring any items from home to help them settle in, from blankets and beds to toys and scratching posts, whatever you like to make it a home from home.


We spend lots of invidiual time with each and every one of our boarders to ensure they get the love and attention that they would do at home. Playing, brushing, fussing and sitting on knees, whatever makes them happy, even squishes and kisses if they like it!


If whilst you are away you would like to telephone us to see how things are going and how they are settling in, then please feel free. We are always happy to tell you the tales of the day! We can even email you pictures and updates if you have access to this facility. In addition we regularly update our Facebook page with the latest residents so check out our page for more updates on your cats holiday.


We find most cats fall into our daily routine quite quickly and this gives them comfort and confidence. They get to know their chalet, the sounds, the staff and their new neighbours and quickly relax into it knowing how the day will progress. They are always given the food as specified by you, so that there is no change from what they have at home and again this all helps to make their time with us a happy one. Some cats dont even want to go home!