Our Policies and Values

Quality Assurance System

  1. We aim to provide feline care of a consistent high quality for all our resident cats. We aim to provide customer care for their owners at the same high level. We have management systems to help us, these define our roles and responsibilities when looking after your cat(s) or dealing with you.
  2. In proposing suitable care and accommodation we will take account of your wishes. We will explain options and costs, so you may make an informed choice. We will explain what we are doing.
  3. We will do all we can to look after your cat(s). We will ask about your animal's general health, medical history and any medicines they may be taking. This will help us look after your cat(s).
  4. Infection control is very important to us, see our Terms and Conditions. Our staff, have received training in systems for infection control. The Cats Whiskers complies with all iCC regulations and licensing laws and has a detached, contained Feline Isolation Unit.
  5. We monitor the general health of all of our residents whilst they are in our care. Any visible signs of poor health, changes in appetite, or character of your cat(s) will be noted and acted upon if felt necessary. We will give clear explanation about any treatment and care.
  6. We have systems for dealing with complaints, and for ensuring lessons are learnt from any mistakes we make.
  7. All staff undertakes continual professional development. We aim to keep up to date with current thinking on all aspects of cattery management and feline care.
  8. All staff are trained in our procedures applicable to their role. Working methods are reviewed regularly at staff meetings.
  9. We will keep information about you and your cat(s) secure and confidential in written records and on computer.
  10. We will work to ensure out premises are maintained to a high standard, kept clean, tidy and free from hazards.

Environmental Policy

  1. We believe we should run our business with sustainability in mind.
  2. We will do all we practically can to minimise our impact on the environment.
  3. We will minimise the amount of waste packaging created by the business by buying in bulk where possible.
  4. We will recycle all suitable waste created by the business.
  5. We will employ a professional waste management company to deal with organic cat waste.
  6. By offering a collection and delivery service we will be able to reduce C02 emissions associated with the transportation of pets by 'car sharing cats' wherever possible.
  7. We will reduce energy usage by constructing new buildings with the current recommended insulation levels to increase warmth retention.
  8. We minimise our use of tap water in the gardens, by collecting and storing rain water in water butts on site for the watering of plants and flowers in the drier months.